[UPDATE] Minimum stat update time threshold increased

Update 2: Should be fixed now, turns out Wargaming decided to do a little renaming of some fields, which confused the script.

Update: There is some issue with EU players where the stats will not update, I’m trying to figure it out now and I’ll let you guys know as soon as it’s fixed!


As you may have seen, during peak hours the server sometimes is unable to handle all the requests. The website does get 10.000 visits per day, which means a lot of signature generations and a lot of stat updates. This consumes the server’s resources like crazy, so I’m looking into a few options like upgrading the existing server or renting a new server to run the automatic update scripts, thus decreasing the load on the main server. Unfortunately either option costs a lot, so I’d like to ask that, if you like the website and think it’s worth it, please consider donating so I can make the service even better!

Well, on to the update: Every time a user loads up his profile on WoTLabs, the server does a check to see if his stats were updated in the last 30 minutes. If they were, then the server would just return those stats. If they weren’t, then a new update would be made for him. Individually, this update doesn’t take much resources, but when 50 people are updating at the same time, the server grinds to a halt. That’s why I increased this time to 2 hours, which should spread out the updates and keep the load under control. I intend to return to 1 hour or even 30 minutes when I manage to upgrade the server or find other ways to increase the performance.

That’s all for now, happy tanking!

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25 comments on “[UPDATE] Minimum stat update time threshold increased
  1. Exiledcrow says:

    No, damn you, I DEMAND updated stats after every single game!😛

  2. Qwertzy says:

    Am I the only one who have problems with update?
    I still stand on stats older than 2 days…

  3. silu says:

    Yep, same situation. Although I played some battles yesterday it didn’t update stats for the whole day and was showing battles from Monday. Today it shows 0 battles past 24h, which is even more strange.


  4. Jakes says:

    1st of, Ecelent website and initiative, just love it.

    2nd, I have the same issue on my profile for the EU server. Played some excellent games last night and I’ve managed almost 60% win for the day, but checked the profile now and it says I have 0 played over the past 24hours


  5. Hajen says:

    No stats for 24h and 7 days.😦


  6. Adam Bell says:

    This also shows 0 battles in the last 24 hours for me, and I last had a battle over 10 hours ago. I assume there may be some issues based on the new patch 8.4. I am a big fan of this website, thank you for all you do!

  7. jernmajoren says:

    same here, no stat update for a week – EU server

  8. Neverwish says:

    I’m starting to think this has something to do with the change in server time I applied a few days ago. I’m looking into it and I’ll let you guys know.

  9. mOOky says:

    Hi Neverwish,
    I have no stats for 24h and 7 days are stuck.
    Thx for you time:)

    • mOOky says:

      Looks like it works now and I am sure we all are very satisfied with your work so far Neverwish. Keep up the great job you are doing for us and thank you very much once again.

  10. silu says:

    Looks like it started to work. Not sure if stats are updated correctly but the 24h column isn’t empty at least:)

    • Qwertzy says:

      ya but now in 24h column are all my battles from past 3 days, though I’m glad it works at least =)

      TY Neverwish, +1 for communication with users =)

  11. […] few days ago I made a change which increased the minimum time between stat updates from 30 minutes to 2 hours. I’d like to know how WoTLabs has been loading for you guys since that update compared to […]

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